What’s A Roof Tune-Up

What’s Included In The Roof Tune-Up?

  • Will repair any and all roof leaks
  • A roof tuneup will correct attic ventilation
  • Will replace missing or broken tiles / shingles /   & metal
  • Includes thermal imaging inspection
  • Seal pipe vents/gaskets
  • Seal and paint roof vents
  • Re-nail loose flashing
  • Warranty is fully transferable
    • We offer 36 months labor and material warranty.
    • Will treat rust, prime and paint with industrial enamel
    • Extended 60 month coverage if roof meets requirements
    • Policy protection will cover shingles, tiles & metal roofs 
    • Installers photograph and archive the entire repair
    • 100% of tuneup costs will be applied to a new roof in the future.

What Type Of Roofs Are Covered?

We’re a full service roofing company, this means we specialize in all roofs for both the Residential & Commercial markets and all roof types are covered under our “Roof Tune-Up” program.

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