Vice President
Tim’s dad was a home builder and co-owner of a concrete company in Lafayette, LA who taught Tim the ins and outs of home repair. Tim now has more than 20 years of experience in the roofing industry, but he worked hard under a lot of roofs before he ever set foot on one. His first job kept his feet firmly planted on the ground cutting grass, but he’s done everything from slinging fast food, scooping yogurt and waiting tables. He also worked in the oil field industry, bailed hay and tried telecommunications before climbing to the top for the bird’s eye view of his career.
This UTSA grad had great roots, but he didn’t stay on the ground for long. After graduation, he became proficient in all types of roofing and remodeling products, and was the national sales leader in roofing for the largest home improvement company in San Antonio for five years in a row. At Beldon Roofing, he sold over $20 million in roofing and remodeling jobs before coming to Roof Fix. What he loves about working here is being able to take the time to understand the needs of his customers. He’s an expert with insurance claims, and has assisted thousands of home and business owners over the years to get the repairs and replacements they deserve.
He’s managed sales and installations for a Fortune 500 company, and he was the GM over Texas operations for Factory Direct Installations, which helped him gain expertise and learn to weather the storms of the roofing industry.
And when the real storms hit, you’ll find Tim studying radar maps looking for areas that are going to need help. He takes pride in being a part of a local business that can help the residents in the communities around him. Rather than a fly-by-night roofer with no vested interested in the area, Tim takes pride in getting to know his customers by name and being there when they need help.
  • Company Roof Fix

  • Position Vice President