Hail Storm Roofing Damage Repair San Antonio

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Residential homes and businesses in San Antonio Texas are prone to composite asphalt shingle roofing damage from hail and wind storms that plague the area

Hail Storm Wind Storm Damage

Hail Storm and Wind Storm damage to roofing can be clearly seen from the road or it may take a specially trained eye for it to be detected. In the image above there are clearly visible impact points on the roof. However, to a trained eye the shingles show signs of aging that compromised the shingles ability to withstand even the impact of small hail stones.

Wind Storm damage can be seen when tabs of the shingle is missing or even complete sections be missing entirely. There is a form of wind storm damage that is not easily detected except when you have water damage to your ceiling or walls but when you inspect the roof it appears to be intact. Low pitch roofs can experience tabs of the shingle lifting up from the shingle below it but the tab is not torn off. When this occurs the storm winds push water up and under the tab past the moisture barrier and a leak is manifested inside the structure. What is worse this kind of damage may not be evident at the time of the wind storm. So if other homes in your neighborhood has visible roof damage or you observe homes receiving tear offs and re-roofs it is always best to have a professional come out and inspect yours.

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What Roof Fix Now Delivers

The Roof Fix Now team will inspect your roof thoroughly using technologically advanced tools to determine the extent of the damage. And they do this at no charge to the home or business owner. Additionally, they will provide you options, either a complete tear off and re-roof or just minor repairs, that fit your situation. Unfortunately for the most part wind storm and hail storm damage require a tear off and re-roof because the damage is rarely localized to a small part of the roof.

Unfortunately, after severe weather causes damage to homes the area fills up with fly by night roofing companies. These unscrupulous individuals specifically target homeowners that are easily influenced so we encourage families to check on members in your family that are easy targets. The primary tactic they use is to require a large deposit or even the entire price of the repair. Additionally they pressure the homeowners to sign a contract and as a motivator they say are filling their schedule up quickly and signing the contract will put their home at the top of their list. Yes the schedules are filling up fast however we will first ensure future rains will no increase the damage to your home.

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